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Crab Tortilla Dip     $11 per lb.
Delicious mixture of crab, cream cheese, and spices. Best paired with tortilla chips! 

Crabbie Salad     $13 per lb.
Refreshing and light crab salad with just a bit of crunch. 

Smoked Fish Pate     $13 per lb.
Pate of homemade blend of fish with just the right amount of seasoning to accentuate the natural flavors with an appropriate smokiness.

Shrimp Cocktail     $19 per lb.
Pre-cooked and cleaned shrimp ready to eat. Best served with Jonah's cocktail sauce! 

Pico de Gallo     $9.95 per lb.
Proprietary blend of fresh tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, and cilantro made fresh. Delicious with tortilla chips or as an addition to fresh salads or sandwiches. 

Oysters Rockefeller     $2.25 per each
Homemade classic created with our East Coast "Blues" on the half shell, topped with swiss, onion, and bacon. 

Crab Cakes     $7.25 per each
Homemade blend of crab and spices to create the perfect pairing of freshness and flavor! 

East Coast "Blues" Oysters     $18 per lb.
Farmed, Chesapeake, James River, USA. Firm texture, Low Salt, Mild Brine. A Classic Shucker! 

Artichoke Dip     $8.99 per lb.
Famous Oyster Bar dip made with a blend of cream cheese, spinach, and artichoke.

Sesame Seaweed Salad     $7.95 per lb.
Homemade salad of tossed seaweed and sesame seeds. Pairs well with the #1 Grade Ahi Tuna served rare!

Pickled Ginger     $3 per lb.
A palate cleanser with a distinct, fragrant flavor unlike anything else! Completes the experience when paired with our seaweed salad and #1 Grade Ahi Tuna served rare!

Brickman's Turkey     $8.99 per lb.


Deep Harvest Sea Scallops     $27 per lb.
Wild Caught, George's Bank, Massachussetts, USA. Fresh from the Briny Deep, Large, Tender, and Sweet.

Norweigian Cod     $5.99 per lb.
Wild Caught, Norway. This Tasty Whitefish has a Mild Flavor & a Moist, Firm, & Flaky Texture.

Flordia Gulf Grouper     $24 per lb.
Wild Caught, USA. A Medium Whitefish with a Clean Aroma, a Moderate Lingering Flavor, and a Delicately Firm Texture. Though Lean in Oils, it Tastes Rich.

Whitefish     $10.99 per lb.
Wild Caught, USA. A Light Whitefish with a mild texture and a clean finish. Very little oil leads to a very clean taste that pairs well with almost any preparation.

Tasmanian King Salmon     $23 per lb.
Farmed, Tasman Bay, New Zealand. Organically Fed in Huge OCean Pens, These Essentially Wild Salmon are Free of Dyes, Antibiotics, & Hormones. Rich with Medium Flake & a Hearty Finish.

Hawaiin Ahi Tuna #1     $26 per lb.
Wild Caught, Waikiki, Hawaii, USA. We're Giving You the Big Eye! Firm Red Meat with Medium Taste, Steaky Texture, and Large, Moist Flakes. Best Served Rare! 

South African Lobster     $40 per lb.
Wild Caught, South Africa. 7-8 Ounce Cold Water Tails.

Tuna Burger     $4.75 per each
Homemade blend of fresh tuna and proprietary blend of spices that walks the line between sweet and savory with just a hint of spice. 

Wild Caught Shrimp     $15 per lb.
Wild Caught. 16/20. Fresh from nature! For those who want an authentic shrimpboat experience! 

Alaskan King Crab     $25 per lb.
Succulent white meat crab pre-split for ease of preparation and enjoyment!


Beef Tenderloin     $15 per lb.
USDA Choice cut.

Filet Mignon     $23 per lb.
USDA Choice cut. Portioned in either 6 or 8 oz filets.

Ground Filet     $8.25 per lb.
USDA Choice cut filet ground in-house and prepared into the perfect sized hamburger pattie.

Bacon     $4.25 per lb.
Needs no description!

Chicken Tenders     $3.99 per lb.
Hand-cut and portioned to facilitate any recipe.

Chicken Breast     $3.99 per lb.
Tender white meat chicken breasts.

Brickman's Ham     $8.99 per lb.


Grande Parmesan     $9.79 per lb.

Grande Parmesan’s full flavor is developed by aging the cheese over the minimum 10 months. It comes through in its subtle, nutty flavor that goes perfectly in pizza, soups, salads, pastas, sauces, salad dressings or anywhere you want to add a unique signature taste.

Cahill Whiskey Cheddar    $12.50 per lb.

This yellow waxed gourmet cheese is matured for a minimum of nine months. Beneath the waxed rind, one can clearly distinguish between curd and whiskey. The taste of the cheese is smooth and rich without the whiskey overwhelming the milky flavours. Enjoy the cheese with fruit or sandwich.

Stella Gorgonzola    $11.25 per lb.

Noticeably creamier than traditional blue cheese, making it the perfect addition to mashed potatoes. Stella® Gorgonzola cheese can also be used to easily add a robust flavor to grilled meats and salads.

Nordic Creamery Grumpy Goat     $11.70 per lb.

An award-winning, bold, semi-hard, but still creamy, goat cheese, cellar-aged over 1 year for an audacious robust flavor. Aging brings out the full flavor of the goat milk and adds a sharpness that will delight cheese lovers. Despite its’ name, Grumpy Goat Cheese is very approachable and works great as a bold element on a cheese plate or paired with sweet fruits and roasted vegetables.

Carr Valley Fontina     $7.39 per lb.

A soft white cheese with great meltability and flexability. Great on pizza, fondue, soup or to eat.

La Peral Queso Azul    $12.70 per lb.

A small amount of sheep's cream is added to a blend of cow's milk and then inoculated with Penicilium mould to give the cheese its characteristic blue veins. The cheese is then matured for a minimum of two months and up to five months before being sold. When young, La Peral is firm, moist with a somewhat granular texture. With age, the paste becomes soft and slightly weepy as it loses its moisture. Flavours are wonderfully delicate in its initial days of ripening but as the days advance it acquires a full, slightly spicy personality.

Roth Gand Cru    $8.95 per lb.

Careful crafting brings out light floral notes, nutty undertones, a hint of fruitiness and a mellow finish. Perhaps that’s why Grand Cru® has been awarded year after year by the American Cheese Society and in the World Champion Cheese Contest.

Roelli Dunbarter Blue    $19.50 per lb. 

No cheese better captures both the earthy, nutty taste of cheddar and the piquant kick of a blue cheese like Dunbarton Blue from Roelli Cheese Company in Shullsburg, Wis. This cheese hybrid is not the result of mere coincidence. It’s the brilliant effect of ever so carefully applying several different cheese-making techniques – “cheddaring,” piercing the cheese and above all cave-aging the cheese. To find out more about how all these procedures create Dunbarton Blue, we spoke to its creator, Chris Roelli.








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